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Is Your Windscreen Ready for Winter?

With the winter weather approaching and drops in temperature, it is important to know how to protect your car in harsher conditions. Your windscreen can be particularly fragile, but these tips can help you through the next few months to keep your windscreen in top shape.

Clearing Your Windscreen of Frost Safely

Avoid those late mornings to work due to an ice-covered windscreen by keeping a large can of de-icer spray, along with an ice scraper, in your glove box. The de-icer will help make the process less of a physical chore. Plus, it protects the rubber door seals if they are also frozen shut, and can help prevent wipe...

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Beat the Winter Blues with these European Trips

Whether or not you believe in Blue Monday (the claimed saddest day of the year in January), the short, dark days and drop in temperature can often leave people down in the dumps. We’ve listed a few getaways to help lift your spirits and provide something to look forward to.

Soak in the Sun

What better way to beat the winter blues than taking a week to sit in the sun, where a trip to the Canary Islands might do just the trick. Visit the beautiful volcanic landscapes in Tenerife, or the artworks of César Manrique across the Island of Lanzarote. Why not take a boat trip over to Fuerteventura and visit the Oasis Wildlife Pa...

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Staying Safe and Spooky this Halloween

Help make your home as safe and accident-free as it is spooky this Halloween season with these tips.

Trick-or-Treater Safety

With trick or treaters calling to your door for the night, make sure to turn on outdoor lighting to help little ones make their way to the goodies safely. Take some time before the sun sets to bring the garden back to tip-top shape to create a safe path to the house, and place potentially tripping hazards such as pumpkins and decorations out of the way of visitors walking to the house. Make sure that any stairs and footpaths are well lit to help guide your trick-or-treaters on their journey.

If nei...

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Scenic Road Trips to Enjoy the Autumn Colours

Northern Ireland, as well as the rest of the island, is possibly even more beautiful than normal this time of year with the colourful, crunchy leaves falling amongst the greenery. Because of this, autumn can be a great time for a road trip. Plus, by this time of year most tourists have gone home leaving quiet country roads. We take a look at just a few paths to get your fix of the gorgeous changing leaves this year.

Closer to Home

Co. Antrim: The Dark Hedges

Despite its name, The Dark Hedges can be surprisingly idyllic. The beech trees, planted back in the 18th century, have grown together over time to form a tunnel of g...

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The Courage to Care

What a thrill it was for us to win the Allianz Community Art Award at the Allianz Arts & Business NI Awards in January. To have the Whitehead Wombles Juniors recognised in this way was so empowering and has added real impetus to our efforts to keep the shorefront of Whitehead (our beautiful seaside town on the east coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland) free from rubbish and plastic.


A Little Bit of History

A gentleman who founded the Whitehead Wombles over 15 years ago, Noel McKee, was invited to do a presentation in the local primary school about his litter-picking volunteering efforts. The teacher running the sc...

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Ways to Help Save Money Faster for a House

With the rising price of houses in Northern Ireland1, saving to buy a home might feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are some small changes you can make to help bulk up your savings while you hunt for your new abode.

Let Technology Do the Work

New financial services, like Revolut, have options to automatically help you save. You can set a monthly budget which will automatically convert to a daily limit, and the app will send you notifications about how much you have left to spend. Plus, you can look at the categories you’re spending the most money in to help see if there’s any way to cut out any unnecessary excess. There’...

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