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Is Your Windscreen Ready for Winter?

With the winter weather approaching and drops in temperature, it is important to know how to protect your car in harsher conditions. Your windscreen can be particularly fragile, but these tips can help you through the next few months to keep your windscreen in top shape.

Clearing Your Windscreen of Frost Safely

Avoid those late mornings to work due to an ice-covered windscreen by keeping a large can of de-icer spray, along with an ice scraper, in your glove box. The de-icer will help make the process less of a physical chore. Plus, it protects the rubber door seals if they are also frozen shut, and can help prevent wipe...

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Scenic Road Trips to Enjoy the Autumn Colours

Northern Ireland, as well as the rest of the island, is possibly even more beautiful than normal this time of year with the colourful, crunchy leaves falling amongst the greenery. Because of this, autumn can be a great time for a road trip. Plus, by this time of year most tourists have gone home leaving quiet country roads. We take a look at just a few paths to get your fix of the gorgeous changing leaves this year.

Closer to Home

Co. Antrim: The Dark Hedges

Despite its name, The Dark Hedges can be surprisingly idyllic. The beech trees, planted back in the 18th century, have grown together over time to form a tunnel of g...

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New Cars to Watch For in 2019

The variety of choice of new cars arriving onto the market in 2019 is expanding, with something to suit most tastes. There’s more choice than ever, with a growing number of car brands making a concerted effort to release new and more affordable electric vehicles. Increasingly efficient petrol engines, many of which now offer the same or similar fuel economy as diesel, are being joined in showrooms by hybrids and plug-in hybrids.


The Kia Niro first arrived as a hybrid crossover before being superseded by a plug-in hybrid version that offered more electric-only driving range. Now, Kia is adding to its range with the i...

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Weekend Getaways for the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Springtime can be a great time to travel around the island, and there is no better time to do this than the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. With Easter falling in late April this year, you may even get lucky with some warm weather! We’ve compiled locations across the country that you could explore over the Easter weekend with both family and friends:

Irelands Ancient East - Co. Kilkenny


At the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East, Kilkenny is certainly a place with plenty to offer for a weekend getaway. Originally a medieval town, it’s rich with heritage and an abundance of historical features. Medieval cathedrals and stone bui...

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Preparing Your Car Windscreen For Winter

Fill Up on Screen Wash

Aside from the likelihood of more rain, driving in winter months can result in more dirt, salt and other road grime being thrown up on your car. That means you’ll be using your windscreen washers more frequently and in colder temperatures. To make sure that it keeps working optimally, keep the washer fluid bottle topped up with the right mixture of screen wash.

This fluid is designed to have a lower freezing point than just water, so it should also prevent the washer jets from freezing up. However, if these do freeze over, don’t keep the washer lever pulled in as this can burn out the pump. Just p...

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How to Prevent Road Accidents This Winter

There are many things that you do to prepare for winter; ensuring that the central heating is working, topping up your home heating oil perhaps, or merely making sure you have a good supply of movies to watch while you curl up on the sofa. But, as winter approaches, it is just as vital to ensure that you have made the correct preparations for your car to reduce the risk of it letting you down. Here are some of our top tips.


Make Sure ALL Lights Are Working

With fewer hours of daylight in winter, it’s more likely that you will be doing at least some of your driving in darkness. Combined with poorer weather conditions, th...

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