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The Value of Comprehensive Car Insurance

by Martin McRandal | 1 min read

December 14th, 2020

Of the 3 levels of car insurance (third party only, third party fire & theft and comprehensive), comprehensive is the widest level of cover.

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

It covers all “insurable perils”, or a loss that happens by chance and can be traced to an event at a specific time.

Comprehensive typically covers several ‘Additional Benefits’ (these are optional extras with Allianz) and might include:

What is not covered by comprehensive?

Every insurance policy is subject to Conditions and Exclusions.

A claim may not be paid if a Condition has been breached. A common Condition on a car insurance policy is your duty to keep your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition. If you are in an accident and your tyres were bald at time of the accident, then it may lead your insurer to question whether you failed in your duty to properly maintain the vehicle.

A claim will not be paid if an Exclusion applies. This can include damage caused by wear and tear, or damage deliberately caused by the driver of your car.

Why purchase comprehensive cover?

If your car is damaged in an accident and the driver of the other vehicle is found to be at fault, your claim will be paid under the other driver’s insurance policy.

But if the driver of your car is deemed to be at fault, you cannot claim off anyone else. The loss will be covered by your own insurance if you have comprehensive cover. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay out of pocket to repair or replace your car.


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