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Competitors get ready to launch

County Antrim Yacht Club hosts the Allianz Balloon Race

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March 29th, 2017

Excitement was high on Saturday 20 August as County Antrim Yacht Club hosted the annual Allianz Balloon Race.

This event which has now become one of the fun highlights of County Antrim Yacht Club’s social and sailing calendar gives children the opportunity to take to the water for fun and frolics in a mad dash to capture balloons. 

Spectators and sailors were treated to a spectacular sight as hundreds of colourful balloons were released at sea and tension mounted as competitors eyed up their target. The hooter went and the balloons were soon swarmed by a flotilla of young sailors, many donning fancy dress, all determined to secure as many balloons as possible and bring them back to the shoreline. The winner or winning crew are the ones with the highest score with different colours of balloon scoring different points.

Girl Power chasing the balloons

The sun shone just long enough for the race to take place and high spirits and high jinks were the order of the day with a flurry of activity and all hands on deck for the best balloon capture and popping techniques.

Jenna McCarlie and crew capturing balloons

Competition and ingenuity were rife as some sailors were lucky, some were inventive, some were assisted but in the end everyone had at least scooped some balloons. When all the sailors had returned to dry land an official count was completed and the winners declared. All the participants left happy with goody bags for all kindly sponsored by Allianz.