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Creating a Safer Home Environment

by Andrew Kelliher | 1 min read

August 1st, 2019

Being able to relax in your home knowing that your family is safe is important. Being aware of potential risks and making small changes to help prevent unfortunate accidents can help to create peace of mind.

Keep an Eye on Appliances

An increasing amount of technology in the modern world brings a few risks with little ones running around. They have the potential to come into contact with the likes of plug sockets or dangerous wires. Keep any wires within reaching distance fully insulated and where possible, secured into place to avoid curious hands yanking them from their appliances. Make sure that heavy and/or hot appliances are pushed back away from counter edges where they could be pulled onto pets or children. And when not in use, keep covers on your plug sockets to keep little fingers safe from electric shocks.

Upgrade Your Security

One benefit of modern technology is an abundance of options when it comes to securing your home. Consider upgrading your home security, if you’re able to, to smart technology. There are options available to control the locks on your doors from your smartphone, see who’s at the door, and record anyone coming and going. There are also smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that will send you a notification if triggered.

Be Mindful of Family Pets

Having a furry family member can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. But make sure that both your pet and your family are trained to help avoid accident or injury. Young pets and young family members can be energetic, resulting in the potential for quick reactions or rough play. Make sure that your pet gets the space it needs, and look out for any signs (i.e. growling) that they are unhappy with well-intentioned contact. Children should also be supervised at all times when with pets.

With any of these, making sure that your kids are aware of the dangers and knowing how to avoid them can help prevent unwanted scenarios. Small changes and open conversation can help make your home a much safer environment.

This guidance is for general information purposes only. Allianz accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses that may arise from any reliance upon the information contained in this guidance.

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