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Staying Safe and Spooky this Halloween

by Aoife-Jayne Hennessy | 1 min read

October 16th, 2019

Help make your home as safe and accident-free as it is spooky this Halloween season with these tips.

Trick-or-Treater Safety

With trick or treaters calling to your door for the night, make sure to turn on outdoor lighting to help little ones make their way to the goodies safely. Take some time before the sun sets to bring the garden back to tip-top shape to create a safe path to the house, and place potentially tripping hazards such as pumpkins and decorations out of the way of visitors walking to the house. Make sure that any stairs and footpaths are well lit to help guide your trick-or-treaters on their journey.

If neighbours opt for a firework display, ask them to keep their distance from any homes, cars, or people, to help avoid accidents.

Despite your preparations and precautions, should an accident happen on your property, your Allianz home insurance policy includes liability cover for up to £2,000,000* for any accidental injury, illness, or accidental damage to property that happens to spooky visitors.

*£2,000,000 is the maximum amount payable for a single occurrence and is inclusive of all legal fees and other expenses. Exclusions apply. Please see the Allianz Home Insurance Policy Document for more information.

Careful Carving

Carving a face into pumpkin and putting a candle inside to decorate your home is a long-time Halloween tradition for many families. As fun as this can be for all ages, it is important to remember candles can be extremely hazardous and can cause more damage than you might think if ignored. Never leave a lit candle unattended in a room, and remember to blow any candles out when heading to bed.

Open Flame Alternatives

Instead of a traditional candle, consider using a battery-operated version. Little ones might even enjoy glow sticks or a strand of fairy lights. Plus, these options have coloured alternatives which can be a fun way to tie in to the Halloween theme.

Road Safety

Halloween night can be an exciting time for young kids; putting on a costume or a scary mask, running from door to door collecting treats. But distracted kids with potentially limited vision behind masks means as a driver it’s a good idea to pay even closer attention to the roads.

This guidance is for general information purposes only.

Protect your home this Halloween with Allianz Home Insurance.

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