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Ways to Save Energy This Summer

by Andrew Kelliher | 1 min read

August 1st, 2019

Summer is here and it’s time to find ways to help save energy in your home. With some preparation, you can help cut down on energy consumption and potentially save on your energy bills.

Switch up Dinner

Save Energy This Summer NI

Cooking in the kitchen when the sun is out can raise both the temperature of your kitchen and the price of your electric bill. Bring your cooking outdoors with a BBQ to enjoy the warmer weather and help save yourself paying the higher utility bills and heating up your home even more. Or, opt for a cold dinner like a fresh salad or sandwich stacked high with tasty toppings.

Consider Devices and Appliances

Electrical devices and appliances can contribute significantly to your electrical bill. When possible, such as at night or when not in use, plug out appliances like your TV, microwave, and kettle. Consider swapping TV time in the evening time for a summer novel or a walk in the park. You’ll get to enjoy the summer weather and reduce your energy consumption.

Sometimes you can’t avoid using a device. In these cases, try to use devices overnight when electricity can be cheaper* and the temperatures have dropped. Set your laundry to start on a timer and hang it to dry in the morning, schedule your immersion to heat overnight, and charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or cordless vacuum while you sleep.

*If you do not currently avail of an energy plan that charges lower rates for electricity during specified hours overnight, contact your energy provider to see what offers they have and how to switch plans.

Blinds and Curtains

The windows in your house and sun can work together to create a greenhouse effect in your home, raising the temperature. If temperatures aren’t too high, skip the fan and instead keep your blinds and curtains closed. In the morning and evening, consider opening a window to let in the cooler air. On cooler days, take advantage of the long summer days by keeping your curtains open to let in natural light, helping to keep your lights switched off for a bit longer.

Making these small changes can help improve your energy usage, contributing to a greener planet and a lower energy bill: a win win!

This guidance is for general information purposes only

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