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Are You Covered This Halloween?

by Sarah Pyke | 1 min read

October 30th, 2018

Halloween is a fun family tradition, however in-between pumpkin carving, party planning, costume making and trick or treating it’s important to stay safe over the spooky season. We’ve put together some areas to keep in mind, including; Pumpkin safety, keep your property accident free, and safe driving so you can enjoy the Halloween break.


Pumpkin Safety

Pumpkin scented (or not) candles are very popular during Halloween, so make sure to be extra careful as candles are dangerous and can cause considerable damage to your property. Pumpkin carving is a common activity this month so take extra precautions if you choose to put a candle into your pumpkin. Fairy lights, UV sticks, or battery operated candles are examples of safer substitutes to open flame candles according to the Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association.

Keep Your Property Accident Free

With a higher volume of children in and around your property make sure that your front garden and surrounding areas are clear of accident prone hazards. Turn on any form of outdoor lighting you have available so that the ‘trick or treaters’ can navigate their way safely to your front door to get their treats! If anybody is setting off fireworks near your home, be sure to ask them to move further away to avoid any accidents.

Driving at Halloween

On Halloween night there may be a higher volume of trick or treaters out on the roads running from door to door collecting their treats. As a driver, be extra vigilant and mindful of any children not adhering to the safe cross code.

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