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Beat the Winter Blues with these European Trips

by Aoife-Jayne Hennessy | 2 min read

April 6th, 2020

Whether or not you believe in Blue Monday (the claimed saddest day of the year in January), the short, dark days and drop in temperature can often leave people down in the dumps. We’ve listed a few getaways to help lift your spirits and provide something to look forward to.

Soak in the Sun

What better way to beat the winter blues than taking a week to sit in the sun, where a trip to the Canary Islands might do just the trick. Visit the beautiful volcanic landscapes in Tenerife, or the artworks of César Manrique across the Island of Lanzarote. Why not take a boat trip over to Fuerteventura and visit the Oasis Wildlife Parks, or stroll the black sand beaches in the valleys of Gran Canaria. With the Canary Islands hosting a summer climate all year round, you’ll feel like you’ve skipped forward to mid-July.

City Breaks

Only have time for weekend break? Grab a hot drink and your winter woollies and wander the charismatic cobblestone alleys across Europe. Pay a visit to the snow-capped cities of Prague or Copenhagen, or take a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam or Venice. If the cold days are what you’re trying to escape, you can pay a visit to the warmer cities across Europe. Visit the enchanting castles on the hill tops of Lisbon, explore the ancient grounds under the winter sun in Athens, or wander the elegant boulevards of Madrid.


Lean in to the winter weather with some prime skiing opportunities in the Alps, stretching across 8 European counties from the south of France, through Italy, Switzerland and Germany and down through Austria and Slovenia. Not a skier? Consider tobogganing or simply relaxing at the plentiful après skis venues with beautiful views to help leave you feeling revitalized in the months ahead.

Closer to Home

If you’d like to opt for a staycation instead, consider a trip to Belfast for you and the family. Take a trip with the kids to the Titanic Expedition and W5 at Odyssey, an award winning science and discovery centre, sure to keep them entertained for hours. Belfast is also any foodie’s dream, with restaurants on every corner from afternoon tea to 18 Michelin stars across the city, go in with an empty stomach and a big appetite. Another option, suited for any Game of Thrones fans, is to visit the Giant’s Causeway, home to the set of the popular TV series which is filmed across the rugged coastline of Northern Ireland.

With stunning surroundings and a rich historical essence, the North Headlands of Donegal offer an exhilarating getaway. Take on an archaeological tour, learn about the folklore of the mythical lands of Tory and watch the breath taking sunset from the top of Grianán of Áileach, a massive stone ringfort dating back to the seventh century. You’re sure to find adventure for all the family in Donegal.

Whether you decide to jet off somewhere tropical for a week in the sun, or relax in one of the beautiful cities across Europe, these incredible destinations can be great to brighten the darker winter days.

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