Allianz Northern Ireland

14 Ways We Will Help Our Customers During COVID-19

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April 6th, 2020

At Allianz Northern Ireland, we recognise that these are uncertain times for our customers. We want to reassure them that our Contact Centre, Claims Lines & 24/7 Emergency Assistance services continue to be maintained by our dedicated team of over 600 people across Ireland.

We’ve also been working hard on additional changes to how we support all of our customers as fairly as we can in these uncertain times. We will be continuing to do more, and will share these changes on an ongoing basis.

Today we want to share with you some of the helps and supports that Allianz Northern Ireland is putting in place for customers so that we can play our part in helping during this national and international emergency.


What we are doing for Personal Customers

We are adding extra features to our car and home insurance products to reassure all personal customers of our commitment:

  1. Allianz policy covers remain fully active throughout this crisis - except where customers request and we agree to a reduction or suspension of cover;
  2. For those customers who are vulnerable and / or in financial distress as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, we will continue to do our best to support you fairly and flexibly;
  3. We’ve increased the ‘days grace’ period for customers at renewal from 14 to 28 days to allow customers further time to contact us or their broker;
  4. Allianz customers can add temporary additional drivers for up to 60 days (previously 30) at no additional charge;
  5. Our Home Emergency Assistance and roadside assistance services continue to be available 24/7;
  6. For our customers who have commenced working from home or remotely, enhanced and increased home office equipment cover is now provided under all of our household policies;
  7. Direct Customers are reminded that they can quickly renew online, or manage their policies online via MyAllianz; we are also enhancing engagement for our bank and broker customers;

How we are supporting the community and those on the frontline

In addition, we are also supporting our customers who are directly involved in fighting COVID-19. These extra measures include:

  1. Car Cover for Volunteers: Car insurance use is extended beyond normal personal use for our customers helping within their community for voluntary purposes; e.g. to transport medicines or groceries to those in need, or to take those that may be ill or vulnerable to hospital or testing facilities;
  2. For frontline workers using their own car for work purposes, they’re also fully covered per their policy terms when borrowing another car in an emergency or to get to work and breakdown assistance will automatically be extended when they need it during the crisis;

What we are doing for Business Customers

We know that businesses and customers are experiencing financial challenges in these unprecedented times. We will help these customers by:

  1. Providing brokers with flexibility to help alleviate stress and worry for business customers arising from the Covid-19 crisis;
  2. Alternative Use Cover: We continue to support the repurposing of facilities, to enable their use for testing and caring for those in need of medical attention;
  3. Business Property Cover - closures: We will maintain existing cover on business premises throughout this crisis closure period. Appropriate supervision and security of the property is required throughout;
  4. Commercial vehicle and taxi insurance use is extended whilst helping within the community for voluntary purposes e.g. to transport medicines or groceries to those that may be ill or vulnerable;
  5. We continue to evaluate additional supports for customers throughout this crisis period.

We’ve been operating in Ireland for over 100 years and throughout that time our focus has always been on sustainable, equitable and actionable measures to support our customers, our employees and the wider economy. In light of the fight against COVID-19 we are continuing this focus and ensuring that our Contact Centre, Claims Lines, 24/7 Emergency Assistance and claims payments are maintained safely by our dedicated team and in line with the cover included in policies.

We’d like to thank all our customers, suppliers and broker partners for their support over the years and at this time. We will announce more supports in the coming days and will share these announcements via