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Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

It is very easy to pick up bad driving habits, especially in the years following your driving test. These habits are easy to subconsciously adopt and in some cases are hard to kick. Here are 8 common driving habits present today.


This seems obvious right? With the constant stream of road safety advertisements and road signs informing the public of the dangers of exceeding the speed limit somehow, speeding remains one of the biggest problems in road safety. In fact, according to the European Commission of Road Safety, speeding is the key factor in around 30% of fatal road accidents in Europe. Exceeding the speed...

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Staged Accidents – What You Need to Know

Unfortunately staged accidents do happen on Northern Irish roads. According to the Association of British Insurers, insurers uncovered 130,000 fraudulent claims worth £1.32 billion across all insurance products in 2015. This represents an increase of 6% from 2014.

The Belfast Telegraph reported (which was highlighted by the Association of British Insurers), a man was convicted of staging fake road accidents in his ice cream van. Had he been successful he would have pocketed around £100,000, the ABI said.

Part of the problem with staged accidents is that they’re difficult to prove and quite often it can be a case of the ...

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Tips for Driving your Car Abroad

Driving in a foreign country is daunting at the best of times. Driving on the other side of the road is difficult enough without a foreign language, unfamiliar road signs and sometimes aggressive drivers to worry about!

Like everything else though, a little preparation can go a long way and help you to avoid potential bumps in the road. Here are our top tips to make your foreign driving experience more manageable.

Before You Travel

Before you head off there are a number of essentials you will need to have:

Your driving licence – Ensure your full driving licence is valid and with you.  Keeping your passport to hand can be ...

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Getting Into The Garden With Children

Gardeners have long claimed higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels, this could perhapsbe explained by recent scientific research which suggests that microbes found in soil canstimulate serotonin production in the body, a substance which make us feel relaxed and happy. That, to me, translates that getting into the garden and getting dirty is good for you and something all the family can benefit from. With the days getting longer, brighter and warmer there are more opportunities to get out and get interacting with these microbes. Sometimes it can be tricky getting out into the garden when you have children, how...

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Driving Other Cars – What You Need to Know

Have you ever needed to use somebody else’s car only to realise that you’re not insured as a named driver on their policy? One of the most common questions we hear at Allianz in relation to car insurance is whether or not you’re covered to drive other people’s cars under your policy. We will be happy to reply that the answer is yes, so long as you’re over 25 and that you’ve chosen Driving Other Cars as an optional extra*.

This option will allow you to drive another private car with the owner’s permission provided the car:

Does not belong to you or your employerIs not hired or leased to either of the parties described ab...

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Sow Something for Summer

The languid, light-filled summer days may seem a distance off, but day length is increasing and there is lots of growing getting underway in the garden all ready. Spring is a chaos, a rush of energy, and often there is so much happening its easy to forget to think ahead. If you can spare a moment, now is the perfect time to take note of spring flowering bulbs you have been admiring and make a record of combinations you want to try for planting next autumn.

exuberant summer border

An exuberant summer border created using a mixture of annuals and tender perennials with sunflowers, dahlias and sulphur cosmos

Another spring gardening task is sowin...

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