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Reporting a Claim

Accidents or damage should be reported as promptly as possible by Policyholders telephoning us on 028 908 913 10 during business hours. When you call, please provide your policy number, details of what happened and the time and date of the incident. 

A Home Insurance Claims form should be completed and submitted with documentation to support the claim. All Home Insurance claim forms can be found at the bottom of the page.

Emergency Helpline

Policyholders may telephone our Emergency Helpline on 084 52 064 684 for assistance with emergencies involving plumbing or drainage problems which may involve flooding, failures of their gas or electricity supplies, damage to their roof where damage to the interior of the house is likely or emergencies involving water or oil leaks. 

Policyholders should identify themselves as customers of Allianz and give details of the emergency. In appropriate cases a qualified repairer will be instructed. We monitor the charges of this service to ensure they are kept as low as possible. Policyholders should pay the repairer but may be able to claim the cost if the nature of the emergency is covered by their policy.

Gas leaks must always be reported to the gas authority.

Legal Helpline

Policyholders may use our Lawphone service which gives access to advice on personal legal matters by telephoning 084 48 730 243 stating they are a customer of Allianz and quoting the Scheme number given in their policy.

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