Stay Safe

Allianz Security Centre

This page provides information to assist our customers in terms of managing attempted fraud.

Allianz is committed to protecting customers against threats associated with internet and other types of digital fraud.  Here, you will find details of current security threats our customers should be aware of.


Phishing is often used by fraudsters as a method to infect recipients with malware or obtain personal and security information for the purpose of identity theft or other financial gain. Fraudsters use email, SMS and social media messages that appear to come from financial Institutions or a legitimate businesses in an attempt to fool recipients into visiting fake websites or supplying personal financial details. Customers are recommended to exercise caution when accessing links or opening attachments in unsolicited emails – even when they appear to come from legitimate sources.


Financial Institutions like Allianz are frequently impersonated to add legitimacy to phishing messages or capitalize on existing customer relationships. We are aware that from time to time the Allianz company name is used to spoof emails in an attempt to secure personal or financial information from members of the public.  

Where emails received from Allianz aren’t part of an ongoing dialogue or don’t contain content consistent with Allianz Insurance business - such messages are likely fraudulent and don’t originate on Allianz systems.  For additional information on these scams and more, visit FraudSMART.

Please remember that:

  •  Allianz will never request MyAllianz logon credentials.
  • We don’t send you emails threatening closure of your account in exchange for your personal or financial data.
  • We don’t send messages marked ‘Secure Message – Please Click to view’ or similar.
  • We don’t email you to ask you to send your or self-service login details or personal information.
  • Allianz will never ask for payment details via email.

Where customers are uncertain about the origin of email correspondence or have other security concerns related to Allianz service delivery they should phone the Customer support on 01 448 48 48.